Ted Nugent Names The Song He Can’t Help Playing At Every Concert

During the recent episode of The Nightly Nuge, Ted Nugent talked about how he decided to prepare the setlist for his upcoming tour. The rocker also named the song he can’t help himself from playing at every concert.

In a music career that has lasted for decades, the Motor City Madman has put his signature to many classics like ‘Free-For-All,’ ‘Cat Scratch Fever,’ ‘Stranglehold,’ and more. The singer has achieved fame as a solo artist for a successful blend of hard rock with blues and psychedelic influences. He has earned a reputation also for his wild stage performances.

Ted Nugent released his latest album, ‘Detroit Muscle,’ on April 29, 2022. The album includes eleven tracks and has been generally accepted as a decent record by critics. The rocker will hit the road this summer to support his new album. His ‘Detroit Muscle’ 2022 tour will kick off on July 15 in Clearwater, Florida, and end on August 27 in Fredericksburg, Texas. He has been busy with the rehearsals and deciding on the tour’s setlist.

During his recent appearance, the singer reflected on how he decided on the setlist of his upcoming tour since he has a vast catalog. Nugent stated that he has no plans or predictions during the rehearsals, so he lets his musical cravings decide for him. Then, the rocker revealed that he doesn’t think he can ever do a show without playing ‘Stranglehold.’ He plays it, especially for himself since he is also a music fan beside the creator. Nugent said he has so many favorite songs from his catalog that it is impossible to play every one of them in the concerts.

The song he can’t help playing at every concert in Ted Nugent’s words:

I don’t believe I could ever do a concert without playing ‘Stranglehold.’ It is for myself because before I am the music deliverer, the music creator, I’m the music fan. If I played all my favorite Ted Nugent songs, I’d be up there for seven days because I’ve got so many killers going back.”

You can watch the entire conversation and listen to the song below.