Nita Strauss Says ‘I Was Terrible’ As She Recalls The Beginning Of Her Guitar Journey

Nita Strauss recently gave an interview to Terrie Carr of Reconnect With Rockers. Speaking about her guitar journey, Strauss revealed that she was terrible at first.

Nita Strauss is a guitar player who currently works as the touring guitarist for Alice Cooper. Apart from working with Cooper, she also has a successful musical career as a solo musician. Moreover, the guitarist became the first female signature artist with Ibanez guitars with her own model guitar, the Ibanez JIVA10.

Back when she was a teenager, Strauss began touring with her own band, ‘Lia-Fail,’ and left high school to pursue a music career. She then became known for working with Iron Maiden’s all-female tribute band The Iron Maidens. Throughout her career, Strauss worked with a great number of musicians and played on dozens of albums and soundtracks.

Back in June 2014, Strauss replaced Orianthi as Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist to play guitar for the remaining 2014 tour dates. From then on, she has been touring with Alice Cooper. Besides, Strauss also teaches guitar playing, and she has gone on tours to offer master class teachings around the world.

Considering her achievements to date, Nita Strauss is indeed a talented guitarist according to many. In the interview on WDHA’s Reconnect With Rockers, the host Terrie Carr praised Strauss’ successful career and asked her the time she realized playing guitar is naturally in her. As a response, the guitarist stated that she doesn’t believe it’s in anybody naturally.

Moreover, Strauss said that she was terrible for a long time when she started playing guitar, just like anybody else. She stated nobody starts playing great, and one needs to work at being better by putting some effort to be a great guitar player. Following that, Strauss argued anybody can play guitar like her when they put their time to work on it.

When Terrie Carr asked her the time when she realized playing guitar is naturally in her, Nita Strauss said:

“I don’t know necessarily that it is in anybody naturally. Let me tell you something. When I started out playing guitar, I was terrible. I was terrible for a long time, just like everybody else. The cool thing about musicianship, in any instrument, any genre, is nobody starts out great.

Nobody sits down at the piano for the first time or picks up a guitar for the first time and is playing ‘Lights Out,’ ‘Eruption,’ or a classical piece or anything like that. Everybody has to work at it. You put the same amount of work in, and you get the same results.

If you sat down right now, and you sat down for an hour every single day for a year or two, you could be a great guitar player. If you put the time in, honestly, anybody on the planet can do what I do. It just takes a lot of work. That’s all.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.