Ted Nugent Explains His Theory For The Transgender Movement’s Origins

In a recent episode of his Facebook show, The Nightly Nuge, Ted Nugent once again discussed the ‘legal precautions’ against the drag community. During the chat, he voiced his theory about the origins of the transgender movement.

Criticizing those who stood against the bill restricting drag performances, the singer said:

“[…] ‘North American Man-Boy Love Association’ insanity. That’s what the transgender thing is. That’s what Drag Queens are doing. They’re trying to make ‘the North American Man-Boy Love Association’ acceptable, you know, where elderly, perverted, fat, unclean men like Michael Moore and Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley [are].

People like that. And what’s the other guy? The guy in charge? What’s his name? Ugh, there’s so many freaks out there. But they’re trying to legalize unclean fat old men having sex with little boys. That’s what the Drag Queen thing is. It’s what RuPaul is about.”

Next, he shared his belief about the birth of the transgender movement:

“I believe ‘allegedly’ that the entire transgender movement, even though it’s [sigh] – It’s been created by the chemical warfare, look into it! There’s some kind of chemical […]; chemical warfare produced by the communist Chinese in cahoots with the Federal Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Center for Disease Control. And The World Health Organization have created chemical warfare upon mankind so that men think they’re girls.”

The bill Nugent referred to has seen a number of names, like Hayley Williams and Kevin Bacon, opposing it. Bacon, for example, wore a shirt that read ‘Drag is an art and drag is a right’ on a Twitter video after the legislation came out. The ‘High Enough’ singer, however, has used his show as a platform to counter that notion and criticized the actor.

He said:

“Isn’t that a shame? Anybody would think what is turned into a violent subculture, drag queens and gender-confused mentally ill people murdering people and abducting children for sexual fantasies, grooming children for sexual fantasies, and Kevin Bacon, this great actor who often makes sense, considers sexually grooming children an art.

Shame on you, Kevin, you have lost your way… You need to get on your knees, son, and ask God for forgiveness because I might go out of my way, badmouthing, and see if we can put Kevin out of business.”

You can watch The Nightly Nuge’s recent episode here.