Ian Gillan Says He Was Disgusted By His Black Sabbath Record ‘Born Again’

Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan recently gave an interview to Classic Rock and revealed that Black Sabbath‘s album ‘Born Again,’ released during his tenure with the band, disgusted him.

Ian Gillan is mainly known as the frontman and songwriter of Deep Purple, but he also played with Black Sabbath in 1983 as their vocalist. While working with Deep Purple, Gillan grew tired of the workload and was unhappy with the band’s ‘Made In Japan’ album. After increasing conflicts with Ritchie Blackmore, the musician resigned in 1973.

After leaving Deep Purple, Gillan spent a short time away from the music industry. He then returned to the scene with solo bands, the Ian Gillan Band and Gillan. In 1983, the musician replaced Ronnie James Dio in Black Sabbath, and they began to record the album ‘Born Again’ soon after. After a year-long career with Sabbath, Gillan decided to leave in 1984.

In an interview with Classic Rock, the singer remembered the time he worked with Black Sabbath for the album ‘Born Again.’ He stated that the album was brilliant before mixing, which destroyed it. Moreover, Gillan said he was pleased with the songs at first, but he went on a holiday, and Sabbath got outside influences while he was away.

After that, Gillan recalled returning from holiday and discovered that Sabbath sent him 20 ‘Born Again’ albums. According to Gillan, he vomited upon seeing the album cover, which depicted a red devil baby. He then said the album was garbage and recalled smashing all 20 albums into pieces out of disgust.

In the interview with Classic Rock, Ian Gillan said the following:

“‘Born Again’ was brilliant and absolutely f*cking sensational until it was mixed and totally destroyed. I went away for a holiday after we’d finished recording it, and I was well pleased. I thought, ‘I’ll leave the guys to it now. They’ve been around for years and know what they’re doing.’ But as soon as I went away, as I understand it, anyway, all these outside influences started creeping in.

He then continued:

“When I returned from holiday, I found they’d sent me a bundle of 20 ‘Born Again’ albums. I looked at the cover and puked. I put the LP on the turntable and was disgusted by it. It was just garbage. In a rage, I smashed all of the 20 albums to pieces.”

Below, you can listen to Black Sabbath’s album ‘Born Again.’