Dave Mustaine Invites Megadeth Fans To Join Him For A Masterclass And An Exclusive Live Q&A Session

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine announced a new live question & answer session by sharing a new post on Megadeth’s official Instagram account.

After the coronavirus hit the whole world, none of the iconic bands was able to play in front of their audience and be in touch with them. In order to end this longing between the fans and musicians, Dave Mustaine decided to join an exclusive event.

Announced by the official Instagram account of Megadeth, a virtual event named ‘Front Row Live’ will be organized on January 9th during which Dave Mustaine will be chatting and interacting with his fans live and answer their most wondered questions. Although only 25 people will have the chance to chat and interact live with Mustaine, there are still tickets available for those who interested in participating as a viewer in the exclusive event.

The latest announcement of Megadeth was so exciting that over 10K people pushed the like button in less than thirteen hours, and most of them wanted to share their thoughts about this event in the comment section.

Here is the official statement:

Masterclass with Dave Mustaine is coming this Saturday, January 9 at 12 pm PT! Tickets still available to participate as a viewer in this exclusive online Q&A event!”

You can check out the post below.