Taylor Momsen Admits She Was Suicidal After The Passing Of Chris Cornell

During a recent interview with Classic Rock, the Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen opened up about the struggles she had after tragically losing Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell and producer Kato Khandwala. According to her statement, Momsen gave up on life when she lost two close friends, but music eventually brought her back on her feet.

As many of you might know, following Soundgarden’s performance at the Fox Theatre on May 17, 2017, lead singer Chris Cornell’s bodyguard found him unconscious in the bathroom of his hotel room. Cornell had struggled with depression, and the cause of death was ruled as suicide by hanging. That night marked the tragic passing of the rocker at the age of 52.

During the show at the Fox Theatre, the Pretty Reckless performed as Soundgarden’s opening act. Right after the show, Taylor Momsen hung out with the band’s members and even gave Chris Cornell a hug before he left to go to his hotel. Finding out that her friend killed himself shortly after that, Momsen instantly started crying, and the following days were just depressive for the singer.

On the bright side, the Pretty Reckless singer had her close friend and producer Kato Khandwala by her side, and they started making music which later turned into the band’s fourth studio album, ‘Death by Rock and Roll.’ While she had the support she needed from her friend, tragedy followed Momsen that year, and shortly after having a conversation with Khandwala, he, unfortunately, died in a motorcycle accident.

Taylor Momsen opened up about losing two important people in her life and recovering from the pain through her music during a recent interview. Apparently, the singer fell into depression and substance abuse to deal with her loss and eventually gave up on living, especially after her producer passed away. Furthermore, Momsen admitted that she was in a dark place where she wasn’t sure if she could get out and didn’t care for the longest time.

Moreover, she revealed that she had to decide before making the record whether to move on with her life or completely give up and end her life. Fortunately for her fans, the musician managed to channel her grief and sorrow into the Pretty Reckless’ new album, and music saved her life once again.

During the interview, Momsen said:

“I was done. I fell into such a hole of darkness, depression, and substance abuse. Essentially I gave up on life. I was so entrenched in all this sadness I didn’t know how to get out of it, I didn’t know if I would get out of it. And if I’m being frank, I didn’t care if I ever did. I quit life.

I poured everything I had left into this album. I’d hit the point where it was either death or move forward, and I credit music to moving forward because it was all I had.”

While it’s heartbreaking to hear that Taylor Momsen considered committing suicide following a year filled with loss and trauma, her story is encouraging to many people who are suffering from losing a loved one and feeling desperation. Momsen proved to her fans that moving forward is possible through music or something else, regardless of the sadness you may feel in the moment.