Bruce Dickinson Reflects On His Favorite Solo Album

During a recent Q&A session as a part of his spoken-word tour, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson was asked about his favorite solo album. The rocker mentioned only three of his albums, including ‘The Chemical Wedding,’ ‘Tyranny of Souls,’ and ‘Skunkworks.’

Apart from his tenure with Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson has a successful career as a solo musician. Since he released his debut solo album entitled ‘Tattooed Millionaire‘ in 1990, Dickinson has put out six studio albums to this day. One of these albums was his third one named ‘Skunkworks,’ released in 1996. The record was somewhat triumphant as it ranked no. 41 on the UK albums chart.

On the other hand, Dickinson’s fifth solo album entitled ‘The Chemical Wedding‘ generally received favorable reviews after its release on September 15, 1998. The record was particularly praised for the timeless sound that got it into Rock Hard magazine’s book of The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time.

Bruce Dickinson’s latest solo album is ‘Tyranny of Souls‘, released more than 15 years ago. The record didn’t only enter the charts of numerous countries such as France, Germany, Sweden, and more, but it also peaked at no. 180 on US Billboard 200. It received positive reviews from respectable magazines in addition to its commercial success.

During a recent show at Uptown Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri, Bruce Dickinson answered fan questions as part of his spoken word tour. The musician was asked about his favorite solo albums, and he only named three after saying he favors them all for various reasons.

Dickinson started with ‘The Chemical Wedding‘ because it’s widely accepted as his groundbreaking album. However, the rocker also likes ‘Tyranny of Souls‘ since it has great material in it. Last but not least, Dickinson said that he’s a big fan of ‘Skunkwords‘ even though many people consider it different.

About his favorite solo album, Dickinson said:

“You know what, I like them all for various reasons. I thought ‘The Chemical Wedding‘ was probably the most generally accepted, like groundbreaking one. That was really like, ‘Whoa, that’s really cool.’ But ‘Tyranny of Souls‘ has got some great stuff on it. I’m actually a really big fan of ‘Skunkworks‘ as well. There are a lot of people like ‘That’s different,’ but it has got some f*cking amazing stuff on it.”

You can watch the fan footage of Bruce Dickinson below.