Sting’s Precise Prediction About The Police

Even though hearing about reunions is much more exciting, receiving disbandment news is also a part of the music world. It may leave the fans heartbroken and disappointed, but most of the time, it is unavoidable when things get out of control. The difficulty of managing the complex dynamics among the band members is one of the common reasons for split-ups.

Since what musically satisfies each member differs, bands often experience problems with this issue. If they can’t find a way to compromise, these incompatible visions eventually lead even the most famous acts to part ways, no matter how successful they are.

That was precisely the case with the Police, labeled as ‘the biggest band in the world’ by the music authorities during the early 1980s. Despite their massive fame and commercial achievements, the band left the scene anyway. While it probably seemed like a surprise to many music lovers back then, apparently, Sting had seen that moment coming.

When they couldn’t find any constructive solution to their problems, the Police bid farewell to the rock scene in 1986. Following the disbandment, many different claims have been put forward regarding the reason behind this separation of a huge band like theirs. Yet, considering Sting’s previous comments on the subject, it is for sure that he wanted to be musically free rather than being stuck in a band where he was limited.

It is known that Sting was not pleased with his situation within the band even in their heyday, so he had foreseen that they would ultimately disband. In the February 1981 issue of Rolling Stone, featuring the Police members on the front cover, the ‘Shape of My Heart’ singer had to say a few words about the band’s inevitable ending.

I don’t think we’ll be relevant in two years,” Sting exclaimed as if he saw the future. The rocker added, “I think we will have said all we have to say within four, maybe five albums. And then I’ll have to stop.” Thus, just as he predicted, ‘Synchronicity’ of 1983 became the fifth and final studio album of the Police.

Later following the end of the North American leg of their reunion tour, the Police members again sat down with Rolling Stone, and the interviewer reminded Sting of his previous precise prediction about the band. “I was an awkward cuss,” Sting said when they returned those words to him.

The vocalist continued, “I can remember not being easy to be around. One of the great things about the Police is the limitations. That’s where the art of the band is. But I was driven to want freedom, to do whatever I wanted. I wanted no limitations.”

Thus, Sting made it clear one more time that being in the Police had been restrictive, as he couldn’t find enough space to express himself creatively. So, moving on and embarking on a solo journey, where he would be utterly free in his musical decisions, seemed to be the best option for the singer.