Eric Clapton’s Daughter Ruth Shares Her Favorite Bands And The Beatles Are On The Top

Eric Clapton’s daughter Ruth Clapton made a question and answer session via her official Instagram account and revealed her favorite bands of all time.

In the session, one of the fans wondered what are the favorite bands of Ruth besides her father, and Ruth’s answer was so standard but yet so great and perfect at the same time.

While Ruth was saying that it was so hard to decide, finally she wanted to go with The Beatles and praised their talent by saying that they have such a wealth of music in their catalog.

Furthermore, Ruth also wanted to mention legendary bands such as The Eagles, Kings Of Leon, and Mystery Jets and pointed out that they are also such iconic bands to love and listen.

A fan of Ruth asked:

“What’s your favorite band of all time? (No bands from your dad although I love those too)”

Ruth Clapton replied:

“This is so hard! Hmm, I’m probably going to go with The Beatles, they just have such a wealth of music in their catalogs. But I really do love The Eagles also and Kings Of Leon, Mystery Jets! I dislike and like this question in equal measure.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Ruth Clapton – Instagram
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