Sting Reflects On The Only Problem In The Rolling Stones And AC/DC’s Music


Sting spoke to MOJO magazine and shared his thoughts about the bands making music together for decades. The famous singer stated that two of them, The Rolling Stones and AC/DC, had to face a problematic situation by explaining the main reason.

The Rolling Stones have been creating, releasing, and performing for six decades even though they went through hard times and lineup changes because of creative and personal differences and losing a beloved member like Charlie Watts. The band preserved its popularity and commercial success over the years, and they are still one of the most influential and popular rock bands worldwide for many rock music lovers.

As one of their hard rock successors, AC/DC also continued to be a part of the rock industry with their extraordinary talents and a never-ending passion for music. Almost every fan of theirs is content with their decision about not disbanding or pursuing solo careers instead of working as a band. However, Sting, who was The Police frontman and then started his solo career in 1985, disagreed with them by explaining his reasons.

Sting defined bands as teenage gangs, and he couldn’t understand why they had been playing since the ’70s. He highlighted that it’s impossible to improve and evolve because they will always have to follow the band’s rules and embrace its longtime style. The singer added that he loves The Rolling Stones and AC/DC, but their music has been the same for years without being open to any changes. Sting thinks that a band should only be a vehicle to write and compose songs.

As reported by Done Deaf, Sting said in his interview that:

“A band is a teenage gang. Who wants to be in a teenage gang when you’re knocking 70? It doesn’t allow you to evolve. You have to obey the rules and the gestalt of the band. As much as I love the Stones and AC/DC, it’s hard to see growth in their music. For me, the band was merely a vehicle for the songs and not the other way round.”

Interestingly, although Sting criticized the band members that have been together as adults, he was one of the founding members of The Police when he was twenty-six years old. Therefore, the singer himself didn’t follow his advice and joined a band after his teenage years.