Why Alice Cooper Believed Aerosmith Would Never Let Him Down

It is one thing to get into the rock and roll world with a band and make a breakthrough and another to maintain that breakthrough throughout that band’s career. Although the band members generally lose themselves in the crazy rock star lifestyle, those who managed to focus on their music maintained a long career, becoming icons.

There have been many fallen stars who couldn’t exceed their fans’ expectations after their well-received songs. Some bands are only known for their one-hit songs, and some have an entirely successful discography. Alice Cooper had talked about one of these bands in 2021 and stated that Aerosmith never lets people down with their songs.

What Did Alice Cooper Praise Aerosmith For?

Since their formation in 1970, Aerosmith members have been active on and off stage. The band gave the music world 15 albums to enjoy. They released their latest album in 2012 and are currently on their discography’s abundance by touring from city to city.

The Godfather of Rock and Roll, Alice Cooper, talked about Aerosmith in 2021 and stated they are ‘The Rolling Stones of America.’ He revealed that Steve Tyler and him started by listening to Paul McCartney, The Yardbirds, The Who, The Beatles, and The Stones, so they have carried the influence of these icons.

He also talked about how Tyler has one of the greatest voices in rock and praised their records by stating that they never disappoint. According to Cooper, Aerosmith continued releasing successful music, keeping rock and roll alive, unlike other one-hit bands.

Here is what Alice Cooper said about Aerosmith:

“Arguably, Aerosmith is America’s Rolling Stones. The thing that we have in common with them is the fact that we all started out listening to Paul McCartney, Paul Butterfield, The Yardbirds, The Who, The Beatles, The Stones, and all those bands. If you put Aerosmith and Alice Cooper on the same stage, we would be able to play you any Yardbirds song. Probably any Who song because we all came up from that same place. I think that Aerosmith kept it going.

Steve has one of the greatest voices in rock and roll, I think, and one of the great characters in rock and roll. Joe, of course, is one of the premier guitar players of all time. Look at all their records and see how classy those records are. So Aerosmith never really let you down. They go for it every time; that’s what I like about them. They are a pure hard rock band. I relate to them probably more than any other band out there.”

What makes Aerosmith so unique, according to Alice Cooper, is that the band and he has mutual inspiration, and this shows in their records. Thus, the Godfather of Shock Rock praised its members, legacy, music, and roots, allowing Alice Cooper to talk in their favor.