Jeff Baxter Shares The ‘Most Exquisite’ Bass Player Other Than John Entwistle

Guitarist Jeff Baxter recently joined Rock History Music for an interview and revealed the most exquisite bassist aside from the Who’s John Entwistle.

In a recent interview with Rock History Music, Jeff Baxter revealed his thoughts on his late Steely Dan bandmate Jimmy Hodder. Baxter played with the drummer from the band’s formation in 1972 until the tour to promote their 1974 album ‘Pretzel Logic.’ After he departed from Steely Dan, Hodder continued work as a session musician and played drums for various artists like Linda Ronstadt and Sammy Hagar. Sadly, he passed away at 42 on June 5, 1990.

Jeff Baxter praised Hodder’s drumming in a recent interview and said many of his drummer friends asked him about him after listening to his drumming. According to Baxter, Jimmy was actually the drummer of the Bead Game, and he met the producer Gary Katz through Hodder. After that, Katz offered him to work with Walter Becker and Donald Fagen in Steely Dan. Baxter then said there are many underrated musicians in the music scene, like Hodder and Tiran Porter.

Baxter worked with Porter in the Doobie Brothers. Although his tenure in the band was relatively brief, he argued that Porter was one of the most exquisite bassists he had ever played with other than John Entwistle, with whom he shared the stage in 1990 in the supergroup the Best. After that, Jeff Baxter praised Tiran Porter’s bass playing, saying it was just scratching the surface. According to the guitarist, Jim Hodder’s playing style was the same.

During the conversation, Jeff Baxter said the following:

“Jimmy Hodder, oh, man, what a drummer! You listen to that stuff, and I have a number of my drummer friends who said, ‘Who played drums on?’ I said, ‘Jimmy Hodder.’ ‘Who’s Jimmy Hodder?’

Well, Jimmy Hodder was actually in a band called The Bead Game in Boston. That’s where I met Gary Katz, who eventually asked me to do some work with Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. And Jimmy was the drummer in that band.”

He then continued:

“There are some really underrated, unappreciated musicians on the planet. Tiran Porter is one. He is probably one of the most exquisite bass players I’ve ever played with other than John Entwistle, definitely in that category.

Oh, man. When you hear his playing, it’s just scratching the surface. And the same with Jimmy Hodder. His drumming — talk about inviting!”

You can watch the interview below.