Steven Tyler’s Pick For The Best Singer Of All Time

Throughout his career, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler has been put on the cross several times. As cruel or exaggerated as the phrase might sound, it doesn’t stray far away from the truth. On the one hand, Steven Tyler received respect and admiration both from the critics and his fellow musicians for his unique voice and eccentric stage performances. In fact, Jimmy Page even invited him to fill in for Robert Plant during a Led Zeppelin reunion. However, Tyler refused the offer even though he had previously auditioned for Zeppelin in the band’s early days.

On the other hand, besides his successful career with Aerosmith and his other projects, it is also a known fact that Steven Tyler has struggled with severe substance addiction throughout the years. As musicians have money and access to get addictive drugs, substance addiction has been very common in the rock scene. Besides its impact on their personal and professional lives, musicians also have to live through this harsh experience before the curious eyes of the public, which is why Tyler has been severely criticized in several circumstances.

As a respected rock star and a former addict, Tyler published his memoir ‘Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?’ in 2004 and revealed his long journey under the spotlight and his life backstage. He wrote about what was going through his head and how fame guided his life during both chaotic and peaceful times. Besides his personal experiences, the rocker also mentioned fellow musicians and their impact on his music and named his favorite among them.

Which Musician Did Steven Tyler Name As His Favorite?

The memoir was quite the experience for the readers as Tyler narrated in a colorful manner his family’s history, his stance on the cosmos and evolution, and the life he had in the early 1970s as a young musician. He described the era vividly, and the narration of his rise to fame enabled the reader to take a peek from his perspective into the early rock scene.

When the time came to share his views on other musicians, Steven Tyler playfully addressed the comparison between him and Mick Jagger. He then went on to explain that despite all the comparisons, Janis Joplin had a more significant impact on his artistic life and style than Jagger. So, when the vocalist disclosed who he thought was the best, Tyler made a surprising revelation as he named neither of the artists. He had someone else in mind.

For the Aerosmith vocalist, the best singer of all time is Robert Plant. The rocker clearly has great respect for Plant as he praised the British rocker’s talents in his memoir. This also shed light on why Tyler did not accept Jimmy Page’s invitation to replace Plant as the lead vocal of Zeppelin. To him, Led Zeppelin didn’t need him as they had already worked with a great talent.

Tyler on his refusal to join Led Zeppelin:

“I just didn’t think a band like Led Zeppelin needed a singer like me. They already had the best; they were the best. Robert used to say, ‘I think I could sing and shear a few sheep at the same time.’ I can think of a few things I could do while singing, but that ain’t one of them. Maybe that was the problem.”

Since Steven Tyler has made it to the headlines due to other people’s allegations several times throughout his career, his memoir provided his fans with a chance to understand his perspective. In ‘Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?’ the rocker opened up about his personal experiences, approach to life, and philosophy.