Ozzy Osbourne Shares His Only Regret About Black Sabbath

Despite being a 73-year-old metal legend struggling with many health issues, Ozzy Osbourne is still actively making new music efforts in the scene. At the beginning of his music career, the Prince Of Darkness rose to prominence with Black Sabbath as the band’s lead vocalist. He lent his musical talents to Sabbath for around 30 years and achieved huge success with the band. Ozzy looked back on his career with Sabbath in an interview with Metal Hammer, and it turns out he has some regrets about the band.

“It’s my only regret with Sabbath that Bill couldn’t work the deal out,” Ozzy Osbourne said when he revealed his thoughts about his Black Sabbath bandmates. “But I love him – I love all of them, in one way or another. We were four kids from Aston who conquered the world. I’ve got a bench in Birmingham – some people get statues; I got a park bench!”

“Tony and I have been through a lot together,” Ozzy continued, touching upon his relationship with Tony Iommi. “We’ve had great times, terrible times, and everything in between, but even when we’ve hated each other, we’ve always stayed in touch. And I don’t give a f*ck what anyone says; there’s no other person on this planet who can come up with riffs like him. He’s unbelievable! I always go, ‘He ain’t gonna beat that!’ And he does, every time.

Black Sabbath is among the earliest metal bands in music history, and many are now in their last active years. Although the band started working on their twentieth studio album in early 2015, they put this plan on the shelf and embarked on their farewell tour. Sabbath then gave their last performance in February 2017 and left the music scene. There were rumors about a reunion in later years, but Ozzy wasn’t interested.

However, Ozzy Osbourne was eager to make new musical efforts after Black Sabbath’s farewell to the metal music scene. The 73-year-old musician continues to work on new releases, and he recently aired his thirteenth studio album ‘Patient Number 9with producer Andrew Watt. After its release, the album received positive reviews, and the metal icon is getting ready to hit the road for a world tour despite his health issues.