Ozzy Osbourne Releases New Song With Jeff Beck From His New Album ‘Patient Number 9’

Ozzy Osbourne had recently announced the release of his new song on Instagram and dropped the music the next day. The new song features the well-known iconic guitarist Jeff Beck.

The Prince of Darkness established a successful solo career after his band Black Sabbath fired him in 1979 due to substance abuse. Although he made it to the headlines with his drug and alcohol addiction and crazy lifestyle most of the time, the rock star also had a side that he wanted to eliminate. He went to rehab several times, and his life became more intriguing with a new project.

He took his place on the television screen with the reality TV show ‘The Osbournes.’ In the show, the audience saw the personal side of the rocker more than the musical side. However, Osbourne didn’t let go of his music career, and after the release of his 2020 album ‘Ordinary Man,’ the fans were expecting a follow-up. The release of the new album news came sooner than later, and the singer started to release singles from the upcoming album.

His first single, ‘Patient Number 9,’ was announced on June 22 and released the following day. The fans were excited in the comment section since this release meant the new album would soon follow. The singer also surprised his followers on YouTube by stating that the song features the applauded guitarist Jeff Beck.

Here is what Ozzy stated in the caption of the announcement:

“New Music Tomorrow! Patient Number 9.”

The song contains strong riffs and has a catchy tune. Though Ozzy posted some clips from its music video to announce the release, the song didn’t come out with its video. However, it takes place in a mental institution and is about a man that cannot get out or escape from the hospital. The next thing the fans are waiting for is its music video to be released entirely.

You can listen to the song below.