Steve Stevens Defends Chris Cornell And Soundgarden’s Rock Hall Induction

In a recent Twitter exchange, guitarist Steve Stevens came to the defense of Soundgarden and the late Chris Cornell, arguing that the band rightfully deserves a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, despite comments made by rock journalist Mitch Lafon.

The band was nominated for the second time this year for induction into the Rock Hall but, unfortunately, did not make the cut. Fans of the band were disappointed, claiming that they deserved the honor just as much as other inducted bands like Bon Jovi.

Mitch Lafon took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter, asserting that Bon Jovi had a larger audience and therefore rocked more people than Soundgarden. He insinuated that the latter was not inducted because they didn’t have the mass appeal that bands like Jovi did.

However, Steve Stevens was quick to defend the band and its vocalist Chris Cornell against his claims. He asserted that the Rock Hall inductions were not solely based on ‘sales and popularity’ and that Soundgarden deserved recognition for their significant influence on younger generations of rock musicians.

The journalist’s tweet read:

“Bon Jovi is in the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame because they saw a million faces and rocked them all! Soundgarden, on the other hand, saw significantly less people, and not everyone was rocked. In fact, only about 25% were (according to estimates).”

As an answer, Stevens wrote:

“Sorry, Mitch, but Chris Cornell was an incredible singer and writer. Sometimes music is not about sales and popularity. Soundgarden was a huge influence on the younger generation of rock musicians.”

When a follower pointed out that the musician himself and Billy Idol had not been inducted despite their influence, Stevens acknowledged that many great artists had not been accepted into the Hall. He claimed that it was not something worth dwelling on.

The Twitter user’s claim went as follows:

“The travesty is that you and BFI have not been inducted!”

And the guitarist responded by saying:

“There are many greats not inducted. It’s honestly not something we concern ourselves with.”

Like Soundgarden, despite having a long-standing partnership in the music industry, neither Idol nor Stevens has been inducted into the Rock Hall, even though they are both eligible. Even though it doesn’t seem to be a matter of great concern for him, it would apparently be a pleasure for his fans to see him have a spot in the Hall.