Steve Jones Says He Doesn’t Want To Hang Out With John Lydon

Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones talked about his current relationship with his former bandmate and singer John Lydon during his recent interview with Classic Rock. Jones praised the musician but added that he didn’t wish to see or talk to him nowadays.

The legendary punk rock band, Sex Pistols’ roots go back to another London-based band, The Strand, including Steve Jones, Paul Cook, and Wally Nightingale, but it went through some lineup changes. Finally, it was completed with the four iconic musicians, Jones, Cook, Glen Matlock, whom Sid Vicious replaced a short time later, and the frontman John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten.

Even though it was a short-lived band and only released one studio album ‘Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols‘ on October 28, 1977, the Sex Pistols became a very prominent figure for punk rock with the musicians’ significant influence on youth with their unique musical style and look. However, considering their breakup, it’s sure that they couldn’t figure out the problems between one another despite their success and popularity.

In his conversation, the reporter wanted Jones to share his ideas about Lydon after the disagreements over the new autobiographical mini-series entitled ‘Pistol’ and the singer’s claiming that they couldn’t be famous without him. The guitarist stated that he loved Jones and respected his contribution to the group with his full package, including the look, songwriting, and more. Yet, Jones highlighted that they all worked hard and revealed that he didn’t want to hang out with Lydon now.

Jones stated in his interview that:

“I love John. I have a deep love for the guy, but I don’t want to hang out with him. He can be hard work, but I admire what he brought to the table. He was unquestionably brilliant, the full package: the look, the great lyrics, he was sharp as a diamond back then, and of course, it wouldn’t have taken off without him, never. But I think we all played a big part.”

As a result, it can be said that both John Lydon and Steve Jone didn’t want to reunite to talk about the old times and spend time with each other after all those years. Thus, the longtime fans can wait for decades until they decide to meet and work on a new project besides the Sex Pistols.