Stephen Stills Is Scared Of David Crosby’s Resemblance To His Son

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Stephen Stills shared some details about the upcoming fundraising show that will bring him, Neil Young, and David Crosby’s son James Raymond together on stage. Stills also addressed the resemblance between David Crosby and his son, which he thought was ‘scary.’

CSNY and the Byrds icon David Crosby sadly passed away earlier this year. Until then, fans were questioning whether or not he and the other CSNY members would ever play together again after years of separation due to some disputes between them. While Crosby’s approach to the idea was positive, Neil Young was not warm toward it.

Last year, when Graham Nash made a statement and indicated that he missed Crosby, fans thought there was still hope for the band’s future. Considering Nash’s plans for the band, it’s an understatement to say that the death news of Crosby was shocking. However, the late musician’s son will now join the Light Up the Blues show with his father’s former bandmates to honor his legacy.

The show will be held for the benefit of Autism Speaks and will host many musicians like Amanda Anderson and Rio ‘Soulshocka’ Wyles, along with the former CSNY members Neil Young and Stephen Stills. Young declared that he and Stills would be there to ‘light up the blues’ after four years of no live performances from his part. According to the statements from Stephen Stills, David Crosby’s son, James Raymond, will also attend the show to pay tribute to his father.

Stills claimed that Raymond’s voice is quite similar to his father’s. Finding the resemblance surprising, he mentioned his love for Crosby’s music. Stephen stated that now with Raymond, they can play them without a problem because they can get the ‘mysterious chords’ of the late singer.

Commenting on the similarity, Stills said:

“His singing voice sounds so much like David that it’s scary. There are going to be some neat surprises. I’ve always had so much fun playing those songs, David’s songs. We’ve got James, and now we can get the chords, which was always a carefully kept mystery.”

After years of separation between David Crosby, who passed away this year, and other members of CSNY, Neil Young and Stephen Stills will come together with Crosby’s son, James Raymond, at the Light Up the Blues show on April 22. According to Stills, Raymond’s voice, which he loves despite the ‘scary’ resemblance, will be helpful while performing Crosby’s songs,