Biff Byford On His Biggest Decision As A Singer: ‘Cancel Or Do The Show’

Saxon’s Biff Byford has one big decision as a singer, and it’s what keeps him going.

In a new interview with SiriusXM’s ‘Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,’ the rocker discussed how he keeps his voice in shape even after years of recording, performing, and singing. While answering, he shared one of the biggest decisions he has made during his career: either cancel or do the show. He said:

“I mean, if we get the sore throat, then we have to sort of decide whether to do the show or cancel the show. That’s the biggest decisions you have as a singer, because it’s not like guitar strings; it’s flesh and blood, so.”

‘Your Voice Is Your Instrument’

Byford, who has been singing in Saxon since their formation in 1975, sees his voice as an instrument. During the same interview, the frontman shared his experience with other singers, who have other techniques to warm up:

“I heard [other singers doing vocal warm-ups] in the dressing rooms on festivals. It’s all right if they wanna do that, if that works for them, that sort of gets their voice warmed up, but pretty much with me, first song is my warm-up, and, yeah, I go for it.”

He then went on to explain his way of warming up — singing on stage:

“If you need to warm your voice up, then that’s fine — it’s an instrument, when all said and done — but I’ve never really bothered with all that. I don’t really get too paranoid about my voice. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. It’s in the lap of the gods, really. I mean, I have a really powerful voice — it’s still powerful. So we’ll just do the shows. Whenever it’s working, don’t fix it. That’s what I’ll say.”

The New Album Is Out

The British heavy metallers first announced the hints of a new album back in January 2023, later followed with another announcement in November. Titled ‘Hell, Fire And Damnation,’ the album dropped on January 19 via Silver Lining Music.

Regarding the title of their 24th record, Byford stated that it was something related to his father:

“I’ve had that saying in my head since I was a small boy because my dad used to say it when he was upset. He used to say, ‘Hell, fire, and damnation, what’s tha’ been doing now?!’ when I was ‘messing up his cabbage patch’ or carving things into the kitchen table. It was a very ‘Yorkshire’ saying back in the day.”

You can listen to the new album below.