Stephen Stills Admits He Was Trying To Impress Neil Young

In a recent interview with Uncut Magazine, Stephen Stills opened up about his solo career and made a surprising confession regarding his relationship with fellow musician Neil Young. The singer admitted that he had been driven by a desire to impress Young, shedding light on the dynamics that influenced his songwriting process.

Reflecting on his experiences as both a band member and a solo artist, Stills discussed:

“When you’re in bands, you’re always writing for someone. I was always trying to impress Neil. Then I wanted to impress these new friends in England. So I kept a guitar very close and always have writing paper and a pen. You never knew when the muse would strike. But you have to be careful. You have to edit yourself, and if you don’t have bandmates around to help, you run into some bad rhymes. Sometimes it’s just complete bollocks!”

In a separate conversation with Rolling Stone earlier this year, the former CSNY member further elaborated on his enduring connection with Neil Young. The two musicians have continued to collaborate and find inspiration in their shared musical history.

The singer’s words read:

“We’re proving the adage that Rust Never Sleeps. We hang out in the studio. We play old songs. We play other people’s songs. We play together, the two of us. We go back and rediscover old Buffalo Springfield songs and then play them on the natch. We then listen to the records and go, ‘Oh God, we missed that by a mile.’ But we do it every week. Shakey and I have always gotten along great.”

Neil and Stephen recently took the stage together at the Light Up the Blues concert. The event, aimed at raising funds for Autism Speaks, marked their first live performance together since 2018.