Stephen Stills Explains His ‘Private’ Ritual With Neil Young

Even if it has been many years since Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young called it quits, Stephen Stills keeps in touch with his former bandmate Neil Young. During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the singer recalled the ongoing ritual he shared with Young.

The bandmates didn’t always see eye to eye since they had disagreements on a regular basis. As the years passed and they grew older, the tensions and hard feelings inevitably became less and less prevalent by the end. However, Stills made a point to underline his effortless relationship with Young that not only went way back but also trickled down to their hangouts in the studio.

Stills shared their private time with Young in the studio, playing old songs and jamming together every week on Wednesday. After having their regular meetups in the studio over a long period, it became a ritual between the two bandmates and friends.

Stephen Stills’ words about his ritual with Neil Young:

“We’re proving the adage that Rust Never Sleeps. We hang out in the studio. We play old songs. We play other people’s songs. We play together, the two of us. We go back and rediscover old Buffalo Springfield songs and then play them on the natch. We then listen to the records and go, ‘Oh God, we missed that by a mile.’ But we do it every week. Shakey and I have always gotten along great.”

Neil Young and Stephen Stills prove that no matter how old you get, the love and excitement musicians once had for music in the early days still have that fire to continue to get in the studio and reminisce about old times. That’s not to say they will hit the road anytime soon, but it shows that two former bandmates can still get together and jam every week.