Brad Announce New Album With Stone Gossard Featuring Shawn Smith’s Vocals

After a staggering 11-year hiatus, the iconic Seattle rock band Brad is back with a bang, announcing their latest album featuring the stunning vocals of their late vocalist, Shawn Smith. The band, which includes Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, has managed to create a tribute to Smith’s legacy with this new release.

The world lost Shawn Smith on April 3, 2019, when he was found lifeless at his Seattle home. A subsequent autopsy revealed that Smith died from a torn aorta and high blood pressure. Before his untimely passing, Smith had released five remarkable studio albums with Brad. At the time of his death, Smith was collaborating with the band on their upcoming studio album, a project that would ultimately encapsulate his legacy.

Recently, the surviving members of Brad shared the exciting news that they would release their new album, ‘In the Moment That You’re Born,’ on July 28. This eagerly awaited album marks the band’s sixth release, following their 2012 album, ‘United We Stand.’ The title track serves as the album’s first single and gives fans a glimpse of what to expect. The single and other tracks on the album feature the powerful vocals of the late Shawn Smith, recorded during sessions prior to his passing.

The upcoming release of ‘In the Moment That You’re Born’ is not just a new album for fans to enjoy but a tribute to the late Shawn Smith. It must not have been easy to move on from such tragedy, as we have seen in most bands. Once you lose a member, it takes effort to get back on track, if they ever do.