Corey Taylor Falls Down During Live Show, Turns It Into A Theatrical Masterpiece

During one of his recent solo shows, Corey Taylor fell down but turned it into a ‘positive.’

The rocker shared the footage of the incident on his Instagram. In the video, he is seen singing Stone Sour’s ‘Made Of Scars.’ During the song, he falls down but manages to get back up instantly while laughing. He shared the video with the caption:

“Turning a negative into a positive.”

Fans Loved The Performance

The video was loved so much that it gathered almost 400 comments. Most of the commenters mentioned his energy and how he made his fall part of his stage show. One user wrote:

“Best f*cking attitude ever! Immediately turning it into art with a wink and a laugh. Love to see it!”

Another said:

“Brilliant, can’t help it but laugh when someone falls over. Gotta be able to laugh it off, just good fun.”

One more user added:

“Great to see you smiling, what a good example of falling and standing up smiling and fighting.”

You can see the footage here.