Stephen Pearcy Gives An Ultimatum About Ratt Reunion

Stephen Pearcy has been asked several times about Ratt’s future. In a new interview with On the Road to Rock, he once again answered a question regarding the possibility of the band’s reunion. In his statement, the musician criticized his former bandmates’ approaches to the matter.

Ratt have not been active as a band for a while now, and their future is still unknown. While the possibility of a reunion in the future is discussed and speculated on, it does not look possible because the band members’ responses to the idea have carried negative tones so far.

The band’s former lead vocalist, Stephen Pearcy, had expressed his opinion on the matter by stating that he would only accept a reunion if it’s with all the remaining original members. Yet, he had also added that their egos were an obstacle in the way.

Pearcy explained in a new interview, naming the band’s former guitarist Warren DeMartini, that he didn’t have proper contact with the other members and that they were unwilling to reunite for a new performance. The musician also said he tried to bring the band back but could not make them want to do it.

Here is what the musician said:

“This won’t come back and bite me in the a** either because I put it out there. I’ve asked the other guys, as did one of the original members, let’s get together, try to figure this out, and do some business. Because that’s what it is. And if somebody doesn’t [wanna do it], they don’t.

People ask me, ‘What’s Warren doing?’ Well, f*ck, I don’t know. Give me a call, dude. Let’s chit-chat. What are you doing? We could write songs all day long, Warren and I. We could put a record out in f*cking a week.”

In addition to it, Pearcy confirmed that it would be a pleasure to play as a band again. But as much as he wants to do it, he is unwilling to try it alone. He suggested that there is no Ratt anymore because some of the members are happy with their retirement enough to refuse a reunion.

His following words on the matter:

“So, we’ll see. So right now, this is where it’s gonna sit. And you’re correct; Ratt would have been perfect [for the Stadium Tour]. But, hey, I’m the representative. I created the monster, so here it is. I ain’t gonna be doing this, or I will not be putting myself through these extensive tours and all these things. It’s winding down, as some of us wanna do. That’s why there’s no Ratt. Some of us are content, probably, to just sit around the pool and go golf or do nothing and say they’re doing everything. Me, actions speak louder than words.”

A performance or new musical material from Ratt as a band seems unlikely in the upcoming years. Apparently, Stephen Pearcy does not want to do it without the other members, but he is also not willing to try to convince them as they are happy with their retirements. The fate of the band is unknown for now.