Simon Wright Names The ‘Silent Authority’ In AC/DC

During a recent appearance on AC/DC: Beyond The Thunder, former drummer Simon Wright stated that Malcolm Young‘s quiet but effective leadership always fascinated him.

AC/DC’s co-founder Malcolm Young, who passed away on November 18, 2017, due to the effects of dementia, was the soul of the band with his unique creative output. The guitarist was the band’s leader on and off the stage and the mastermind behind the whole production process. Although he didn’t stand out as his younger brother Angus Young did, Malcolm was always the primary decision-maker.

In a new interview, Simon Wright, who had recorded three albums with AC/DC during the 1980s, confirmed what was publicly known about Malcolm’s position within the band. As someone who was in AC/DC for years, Wright is expectedly quite familiar with the band’s inner dynamics and on and off-stage routines.

When the interviewer asked him whether there was any band member who took the others under his wings, the drummer explained that Malcolm Young was the silent authority who controlled the rest of the band. He didn’t shout or scream, but he always made his presence felt. The late guitarist’s quiet but effective dominance over the band was something that Wright always admired. Malcolm indeed had his way of conveying and expressing his authority.

Simon Wright’s words on Malcolm Young:

“I’ve said it a lot. Malcolm was the one who was kind of, you know, at the steering wheel, no shouting or screaming or anything but the quiet authority, which I found really amazing.”

Wright had joined AC/DC to replace Phil Rudd in 1983. After contributing to three albums, the drummer left AC/DC in 1989 to join Dio. Later, Chris Slade filled in after Simon and performed as the band’s drummer for around five years.