Simon McBride Addresses Ian Gillan’s Plans To Release New Deep Purple Music

In a new interview with Andrew Daly from VWMusic, Deep Purple guitarist Simon McBride revealed that Ian Gillan intends to create new music, but they haven’t done anything about it yet.

It is not common to find a rock act with such an extensive catalog and a prolific music career as Deep Purple. The band’s latest album, which continues to create works despite the numerous lineup and sound changes over the years, arrived in November 2021. Deep Purple’s twenty-second studio record, ‘Turning to Crime,’ was a covers album, while their last effort with the original material was the twenty-first studio album, ‘Whoosh!‘ released in August 2020.

So, it has been a couple of years since Deep Purple fans last heard new music from the band. In June 2022, Ian Gillan hinted at the band’s plans to work on fresh material in the first months of 2023. When he was recently asked whether there are any updates, Simon McBride said that he has been entirely concentrated on their ongoing tour right now, yet he knows about the rumors.

However, he admitted that haven’t done anything for the new record so far. All the guitarist wants to do currently is to deliver good shows with Deep Purple and enjoy touring. The musician also revealed that he always works on new stuff while on the road, so he can use them in his solo efforts or for Deep Purple. For now, he wants to wait and see how things will turn out in the coming days.

Simon McBride’s words on new Deep Purple music:

“At the minute, I’m just focused on the tour. As you said, there’s been whispers of new stuff, but we haven’t done any writing or anything yet, so we’ll have to play it by ear. I take things as they come to be honest, and my main focus of attention right now is these shows with Deep Purple and having an amazing tour. But I’m always writing stuff on the road; it can be for me, or it can be for Deep Purple, so we’ll see how things unfold in terms of new music.”

The famous British band has been currently touring Europe. Following the end of the European dates toward the beginning of November, they will give a two-month break and then make their way to North America for more live shows.