Brittany Furlan Had An Argument With Tommy Lee Over Joining Mötley Crüe’s Tour

Brittany Furlan, the wife of Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, has revealed that she won’t be accompanying the band for the European leg of their 2023 ‘World Tour’ with Def Leppard. Throughout the North American leg, the band members’ partners were seen by their sides, but Furlan left after it ended. In a conversation with Slobs Podcast, she unfolded her reasons behind this decision.

Breaking down her experience with touring, the actress stated:

“I was supposed to fly into Germany with [Tommy Lee]. I was gonna go next week. I decided not to just because I toured the whole US with him, and it’s like not fun. When you go on tours, you’re not in the city for long. Like, you’re there for a f–king day. I was like, ‘I don’t really wanna do it.’

I mean, if we were chilling in places for a while, I’d be like, ‘Sure, yeah.’ But I’m just like, ‘Do I really wanna drag myself along for this?‘ City to city, all throughout Europe. He’s like, ‘It’s gonna be so cool to see stuff.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, outside the f–king plane window.’ You know, I might as well just go on Google Images.”

Yet, the show goes on, as the ‘World Tour 2023’ is steaming ahead. Mötley Crüe and Def Leppard have revealed plans for three special Australian gigs. After wrapping up the core part of the tour in August, the two bands will hit the Australian shores in November.

Expressing their enthusiasm for the upcoming dates in a joint statement, Mötley Crüe wrote:

“We had an incredible time playing The Stadium Tour in North America, and we truly can’t wait to continue taking the show around the globe with The World Tour in 2023. Crüeheads, get ready because we have a few amazing Australian dates set for you!”

These upcoming dates will be Crüe’s first visit to Australia in eight years, and it comes with a bonus: a new album in the making. Its name and release date are unknown, but according to Nikki Sixx’s updates, the recording process is complete, and their next step is the mixing part.