Joe Elliott Says Brian Johnson Asked For His Advice On His First AC/DC Show In America

Def Leppard lead vocalist Joe Elliott recalled opening for AC/DC in their Highway to Hell Tour and Bon Scott’s death a short time later during his recent interview with Louder Sound. He revealed that their then-new frontman Brian Johnson asked for his advice before his first show in the USA.

AC/DC released their sixth studio album entitled ‘Highway to Hell’ on July 27, 1979, and it was the band’s lead singer Bon Scott’s last album. The record received very positive reviews from both their fans and music critics worldwide. Then, they thrilled their fans by announcing a tour to promote the new album. AC/DC started their Highway To Hell Tour on August 17, 1979, in Belgium, and it ended on January 27, 1980, in Southampton.

Def Leppard performed the opening act during the band’s concerts at Hammersmith Odeon in London. According to Joe Elliott, they tried to learn everything that they could from the legendary band during that time. Unfortunately, AC/DC frontman Bon Scott passed away after less than a year due to acute alcohol poisoning on February 19, 1980. After giving it a lot of thought, the remaining band members decided to hire Geordie vocalist Brian Johnson.

Joe Elliott recalled those times, saying that he and Brian Johnson had a chance to talk and share their thoughts while they were opening once again for AC/DC following Bon Scott’s tragic and early death. He stated that the new AC/DC lead singer was so excited that he asked ‘What am I gonna do?’ to Elliott before his first gig in the USA. It seems like it was a challenging night for Brian Johnson, but he proved his talent to the band’s fans.

Elliott said in his interview that:

“We did four nights at Hammersmith Odeon. Less than a year later, after Bon died and Brian Johnson joined the band, we opened for them at the Palladium in New York.

That was Brian’s first gig in America, ever, and I remember him and me standing outside the hotel, and he was asking me for the advice! ‘What am I gonna do, like?’ That was our only gig opening for AC/DC with that line-up.”

On the other hand, Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott didn’t unveil what he responded when Brian Johnson asked his advice, and the fans have started to wonder. It’s clear that the Def Leppard frontman was shocked when one of the most famous rock bands in the world, AC/DC’s lead singer, asked him what to do.