Ted Nugent On Greta Van Fleet: ‘They’ve Got Some Nice Piss’


Conservative rocker Ted Nugent recently opened up about the new rock artists during an appearance on Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown. According to Nugent, there aren’t any new guitar players that inspire him since they all are relatively old, but he’s impressed with new bands such as Greta Van Fleet.

Greta Van Fleet is a new generation rock band formed in 2012, consisting of the Kiszka brothers Josh, Jake, Sam, and Danny Wagner. Their big breakthrough was their first single named ‘Highway Tune,‘ which was released on March 31, 2017, from their debut EP, ‘Black Smoke Rising.’

The single topped the Billboard Mainstream Rock and Active Rock charts. Furthermore, Loudwire named it the second-best hard rock song of 2017. However, the song’s success also created controversy due to its resemblance to Led Zeppelin’s sounds and Sam Kiszka’s vocals’ similarity to Robert Plant.

Since the resemblance started to cause trouble, the successful band changed direction in their sound to avoid being called a copy of Led Zeppelin. Regardless of the criticism, Greta Van Fleet has been successful in finding their secure spot in the new generation of rock music scene, and they are praised by numerous rock icons such as Alice Cooper, Slash, and Elton John.

The list of rock stars who admire Greta Van Fleet recently gained another member, Ted Nugent. The rocker was asked during a recent interview that whether there are any new guitar players that he is inspired by. Apparently, there isn’t because all the good musicians that are considered new, such as Foo Fighters or Joe Bonamassa, aren’t exactly new.

While there isn’t a guitar player who has managed to impress him, Nugent said that there are a few new rock bands he likes. He started off by saying that Greta Van Fleet is one of them since they have got some ‘nice piss and vinegar,’ which means in Nugent’s unique language that they have got something special among the new rock bands.

When asked if there’s a new guitar player that inspires him, Nugent said:

“No. Because, even some of the newer ones, like Joe Bonamassa, or the Foo Fighters guys, there’s a lot of guys, but they’re not really new. Greta Van Fleet guys from Grand Rapids, they’ve got some nice piss and vinegar going on, and the guys that play guitar in Kid Rock’s band, those guys are killer, and I still listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd with Rickey Medlocke.

And I still wish I can come down and watch Jim McCarty and Derek St. Holmes because these guys are the gods of guitars, and there’s so many of them. I get a lot of YouTube videos of young kids that are playing, and it’s very impressive and very encouraging. I wish I remembered all of their names.”

You can listen to ‘Highway Tune’ below.