Jake Kiszka Admits The Influence Of Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page On Greta Van Fleet Latest Album

Greta Van Fleet lead guitarist Jake Kiszka recently opened up about the band’s latest studio album, ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’ during an interview with Guitar World, especially on a specific track from the album, ‘Broken Bells’ which has an uncanny resemblance to Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s playing style and sound.

As some of you might know already, Greta Van Fleet has been getting countless comments on their similarity to the legendary band Led Zeppelin, especially with their alike sound and the surprising vocal similarity between the lead vocalist Josh Kiszka and Robert Plant which is quite obvious on the band’s debut studio album, ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army.’

While the band has never denied the fact that Led Zeppelin is one of their biggest influences among other iconic bands, all Greta Van Fleet members also stated that the band tried to convey their own voice with their second studio album, ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’ which was released on April 16, 2021. However, the second record didn’t seem to have a far different direction than the previous album as it has similar riffs, tune, and sound to the Led Zeppelin’s classic tracks.

There’s one track in Greta Van Fleet’s album named ‘Broken Bells’ which has an incredibly similar pattern to the iconic Led Zeppelin sound created thanks to the lead guitarist and genius Jimmy Page who often designed the classic acoustic opening and followed by electric guitar sound in most of the band’s track such as ‘Over the Hills and Far Away,’ ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ ‘Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,’ and many more.

Due to the fact that the similarity is pretty on their fans’ face, guitarist Jake Kiszka was asked about the band’s song, ‘Broken Bells’ and how it sounds like a work of Jimmy Page during a recent interview, and Greta Van Fleet guitarist stated that the style actually has a resemblance to Led Zeppelin as they have countless songs that starts folk and turns into the rock sound which is what they have done as well and then started giving details about the creation of the track.

Here is what the interviewer said:

“The guitar orchestration in Broken Bells, your symphonic mix of acoustics and electrics, it’s very Jimmy Page.

Here is what Jake Kiszka said:

“Definitely. There are so many Zeppelin songs that start simply with an acoustic and then work into the heavier electrified sections. It’s folk and then it’s rock. The whole idea of Broken Bells, which was written two and a half, three years ago, started with just a phrase on the acoustic guitar. We put some vocals on it, and then when we came back to it and built it up.

Originally, we thought it was perfect, but then everybody started saying, ‘It needs something. There’s no crescendo.’ The song itself wanted to be very linear. It goes up and up and up and up to this breaking point, and then we were like, ‘What now?’

So we created this little turnaround with the 12-string, which I actually played on a double-neck acoustic Espana – really interesting guitar. From there it goes back to the electric. The crescendo comes with the solo and then the outro. It needed the big release.”

You can click here to see the source and listen to ‘Broken Bells’ below.