Robert Plant Says He Convinced US Government To Enter The Country

One of the biggest vocalists of all time, Robert Plant recently talked to The Guardian and shared the story about the US government asking him to get special permission to enter the country after the pandemic.

Everyone in the world got affected by the pandemic restrictions in the past two years. Travelling was out of the picture for a long while until countries settled down systems that only allowed essential travel. Even after the vaccination process and quick PCR testings, some countries still don’t allow non-essential travel.

Because the laws apply to everyone, regardless of their fame and fortune, the legendary frontman of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, also had to go through a process before he was let into the States. He stated that he was put in an awkward situation with the security authorities after deciding to return to the country he loves.

He talked about his experience by stating:

“I had to prove that I was contributing to the betterment of the American system somehow, which is kind of cute, really. I had to present a form to Homeland Security and all that. Fifty-three years of coming here. They should have my number down by now.”

Before the pandemic, Plant collaborated with Alison Krauss and released their latest record ‘Raise the Roof’ recorded in Nashville, USA. According to Plant, this should have been enough to let him back into the country without having to prove some legal documents.

Led Zeppelin’s effect on the USA is as big as it is in the UK, their hometown. The band traveled to and from the USA for more than half a century. Therefore, for Plant, it was strange to see that he is still not able to enter and exit the country whenever he wants to. Yet, he thinks that it is ‘cute’ that he has to prove he is useful to the country.