Shavo Odadjian Names The Beatles Album That Made Him A Better Songwriter

Shavo Odadjian recently talked to Metal Hammer about the albums that inspired him and changed his life. The Beatles were also one of the bands that gave him what it takes to be a better songwriter.

Perhaps thousands of articles were written about the Beatles’ influence on other musicians. Regardless of the genre, the rock band established a career that made the members icons in the world. Their music, songwriting, and style have been regarded as inspirational, and musicians are giving their names out as influences have made sure they live with this legacy for a long time.

System of a Down’s style of music is different from the Beatles. They are a heavy metal band that features brutal vocals. They do not belong to one particular genre but harbors thrash metal, nu-metal, alternative metal, and many rock subgenres like hard rock and art-rock. However, the Beatles have influenced the bassist and the songwriter Shavo Odadjian with their album.

The System of a Down bassist recently talked about The Beatles’ influence on his music career. Odadjian stated that he has been inspired by ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and ‘Tomorrow Never Knows.’ He mentioned that these songs, which had weird dreamlike vibes, changed his life and made him a better songwriter.

Here is what Odadjian stated:

“I knew The Beatles growing up, but it was Daron [Malakian, System guitarist] who was a big fan. He said, ‘Go and listen to these albums.’ The songs from this record are incredible. ‘Eleanor Rigby,’ ‘Tomorrow Never Knows,’ they have these weird dreamlike vibes. I don’t know how a human wrote them. It changed my life because it made me a better songwriter. Artists inspire artists. You gotta listen and grow your brain.”

‘Revolver’ was the Beatles’ last album before they stopped with their live performances. It is also known to be one of the most innovative albums in music history. The band’s instruments, music, and lyrics have changed the lives of so many musicians and added more fame to their already established prominence.