Sean Ono Lennon Hates TikTok But Doesn’t Support The Ban

Sean Ono Lennon is not supportive of TikTok’s ban in the USA.

TikTok is currently facing bans in the USA for several reasons and conflicts with the Chinese government. As a result of the bans, some stated that it was the right thing to do, while others complained about the ban. The musician took to X to state his own thoughts about the recent bans of the application, and as it appears, he stands with those who think it’s not logical to ban the app:

“I hate TikTok. It’s clearly not healthy. But banning it seems to set a bad precedent. There must be a better way to deal with this.”

Why TikTok Is Banned

The US has implemented actions to limit TikTok’s usage on devices provided by the federal government, citing national security worries connected to its Chinese parent organization, ByteDance. Concerns include the possibility of the Chinese government using TikTok to access user data on these devices. Although the prohibition doesn’t impact private individuals using TikTok, it highlights increasing uncertainty about the app’s future in the US.

Numerous federal agencies and certain states have already banned TikTok on official devices. The situation remains intricate, and discussions about the app’s future are ongoing among legislators and security specialists.

UMG Banned Certain Music On TikTok

Before the ban in the USA, the Universal Music Group pulled its catalog of songs and artists from TikTok. The reason? Money seems to be a major source of disagreement between the two companies.

On January 30th, UMG published an open letter addressed to the artist and songwriter community titled ‘Why We Must Call Time Out On TikTok.’ In the letter, they clarified that during their contract renewal talks with TikTok, UMG emphasized the need for ‘appropriate compensation for our artists and songwriters,’ citing TikTok’s contribution of ‘only one per cent’ to their overall revenue.

As negotiations progressed, UMG claimed that TikTok tried to pressure them into accepting a deal ‘worth less than the previous one, significantly below fair market value, and not representative of their significant growth.’

In response, TikTok issued a statement accusing UMG of spreading a ‘false narrative and rhetoric’ and accused them of prioritizing their ‘own financial interests over those of their artists and songwriters.’

You can see Lennon’s post below.