Billy Idol’s Role As Deus Ex Machina In Adam Sandler And Drew Barrymore’s Movie

Whenever things didn’t go their way, the Ancient Greek heroes had the tendency to pray and ask the Gods of Olympus for their help. Numerous times, the Olympians intervened and took matters into their own hands, and these interventions had become a sort of safety blanket for ancient warriors.

The audiences, who witnessed their favorite heroes running from one adventure to another, also loved these divine interventions, also called ‘deus ex machina,’ as they always promised a happy ending. Achilles, for instance, was blessed by Athena right before he battled with Hector to avenge his dear buddy, Patroclus, and another hero, Odysseus, was blessed by Poseidon during his voyage through dangerous seas.

However, it wasn’t an Olympian God who helped Adam Sandler‘s character, Robbie, to get together with the girl he loved. Instead, a god of rock encouraged him to make things right with Drew Barrymore‘s Linda. It was no other than Billy Idol who intervened when a hopeless Robbie was on the edge of giving up from confessing his love.

In the movie, ‘The Wedding Singer,’ Sandler was a desperate wedding singer who failed to be a rock star. He had lost all his faith in love after being dumped by his fianceé, and the girl he’d recently met and fallen for was engaged to somebody else. Well, I won’t give you the entire story though I might spoil the movie a bit, so take this as your warning for possible spoilers, and let me say that Billy Idol’s role came into play when Robbie needed intervention the most.

Idol’s song, ‘White Wedding,’ had gotten quite the streams as couples usually dance to it while sharing their first dance at receptions. Sandler’s hero, Robbie, also often sang the single while he performed at weddings, even though people typically forget that it’s actually an anti-wedding song.

Billy, however, didn’t have an anti-wedding spirit at all, appearing just when Robbie lost all his confidence. The singer would give the hopeless young man a pep-talk to go and confess to Linda, who was also about to get married. (This movie has lots of weddings in it.)

Idol’s encouragement led our poor wedding singer to sing a ballad he’d written for Linda, who, luckily, was already in love with Robbie. So, as the pair realized they were made for one another, Billy returned to the scene again, only to say that he liked Robbie’s ballad and wanted to help him sign into a label.

So, the British punk saved a hopeless young man who almost lost the girl he loved to another man and helped him score a label deal to start his career as a rocker. Idol was the ‘deus ex machina’ of ‘The Wedding Singer,’ intervening at the right time and place to set things right for our hero when things were going wrong.