Scott Weiland’s Son Noah Releases First Solo EP, ‘I Wish My Pops Was Here To Hear This’

Stone Temple Pilots’ late icon Scott Weiland’s son Noah Weiland recently released his official EP with much excitement. He wrote a lengthy caption on Instagram, stating the life events that led him to create these songs and wished his father was alive to hear them.

Scott Weiland was a successful musician that showed his talents in the bands Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver. His tragic death was a huge shock and despair for his fans and bandmates, but naturally, his family was the most affected ones, particularly his son Noah.

Noah was born in 2000 after the rocker’s marriage to Mary Forsberg, and he grew up to be a musician himself. Noah’s musical venture has just officially begun, and he remembers his father often during interviews. Unfortunately, like his father, the young musician also struggled with addiction and decided to pour all those struggles into rock songs.

He recently released his new EP, ‘Last Kiss Before Detox,’ which drew inspiration from putting his pain, addiction, love, heartbreak, and betrayal. He is very excited about the beginning of his musical career and that he is mainly writing for the woman he loves most. The musician said he only wished that his father was here to witness it in the caption of the release announcement.

Here is the announcement:

“‘Last Kiss Before Detox’ is out now! Link in bio! Streaming on all platforms! This is my first official project technically, an EP I put my whole heart into. From pain, addiction, the love of my life, heartbreak, being homeless, and being betrayed by people who I once cared about and my entire life.

This is just the beginning. I am so excited. I consider this also a dedication to the woman I love most. The way I express my feelings best through art. Wish my pops were here to hear this, but now it’s my turn to take over.”

You can see the Instagram post and listen to his EP below.

Photo Credit: Noah Weiland – Instagram