Ozzy Osbourne Responds To The Criticism Of His Wife Sharon After Her Comment On Racism


Iconic vocalist Ozzy Osbourne posted a picture with his wife Sharon on Twitter to show his support to her since she faced criticism on social media regarding her controversial racism discussion with her co-host on The Talk which led to her dismissal from the show.

As you may recall, Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy’s wife, and manager has been co-hosting a talk show named The Talk on CBS for a while now. However, Sharon got into a heated argument with her co-host Sheryl Underwood, who is a person of color, after Osbourne defended Good Morning Britain host Pierce Morgan.

Morgan was the target of criticism due to his claims that he had a hard time believing Megan Markle‘s statements about racism in the Royal Family. Sharon took her Twitter account to show support to her long-time friend Pierce by suggesting he was simply using his right to express his opinions freely. During an episode of The Talk, Osbourne and Underwood got into a heated conversation about the matter, during which Sharon asked her co-host to ‘define racism.’

Following her controversial comments about the definition of racial injustice, Sharon released a statement to apologize to her co-host and everyone who was offended by her comments. However, her apology didn’t ease the matter and CBS announced that Osbourne decided to leave her place in The Talk.

While Sharon’s comments divided her fans into two groups, who defended her right to speak freely and who criticized her for supporting Morgan and his racist comments about Megan Markle, her husband Ozzy Osbourne chose to remain silent, until now. Recently, on Twitter, Ozzy posted a picture of himself with Sharon and shared a message related to the backlash she faced. He stated that he ‘can’t f*cking hear’ that criticism about his wife and added the hashtag ‘Team Sharon’ showing his support to Sharon.

Here is how Ozzy Osbourne showed his support to his wife Sharon:

“I can’t f*cking hear you! #TeamSharon

You can see the tweet Ozzy Osbourne posted on his official Twitter account below.