Scorpions Shares Behind The Scenes Video Of New ‘Rock Believer’ Album’s Recordings

Scorpions recently posted a video on their official Instagram account to reveal that they would release the first part of their three-part short documentary based on their upcoming album’s recording process and journey. The band shared the footage on their Youtube channel a short time ago.

Scorpions released their latest eighteenth studio album entitled ‘Return to Forever’ on February 20, 2015, and it was described as ‘the Unbreakable-era’ lineup’s last album after their longtime drummer James Kotak’s departure from the band in 2016. Kotak was replaced by Motörhead drummer Mikkey Dee, and the band went back to the stages especially to promote their new album, which received very positive reviews from their fans and critics.

After ‘Return to Forever,’ Scorpions decided to give almost six years of a break until they found the inspiration and right time to create their new music. Finally, the band announced that they will release their upcoming 19th studio album named ‘Rock Believer’ by dropping its first single, ‘Peacemaker,’ on November 4, 2021. Their fans, who were waiting for a long time to listen to the new materials from Scorpions, got very and excited about the news.

The album was scheduled to be released on February 22, 2022, in Europe and February 26, in the USA, and before that, Scorpions wanted to share their journey of making ‘Rock Believer’ through a three-part short documentary that includes the footage in which the band members’ studio sessions during that time. The first part’s release date, December 21, was announced on Scorpions’ IG account, and it was recently uploaded on YouTube.

Scorpions’ IG post read:

“For our new album ‘Rock Believer,’ we all came back together in the studio like in the old days and captured that journey on camera. Today, Tuesday 21, 6 pm CET we release the first part 1 of 3. Maybe you discover some unreleased music snippets from our new album in it.”

You can check out the video and song below.