Why Creed’s Scott Stapp Gets Compared To Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder

People enjoy expressing the saying, ‘art imitates life,’ when parallels are drawn between real-life events and popular tracks. To give you a few examples, songs such as Nirvana’s ‘Polly,’ Joan Baez’s ‘Diamonds & Rust,’ and Iron Maiden’s ‘The Trooper’ were all inspired by upsetting real occurrences and people. So, it usually might be fun to cross the dots, learn all about the tales behind lyrics and see parallels.

However, there also have been times when people thought ‘artists imitated other artists,’ and they weren’t shy to point out the similarities and the parallels between different rockers and bands to prove their points. In one instance, The Verve was found guilty by the Rolling Stones’ former manager Allen Klein for ‘imitating‘ a song from the rock icon’s earlier works.

Even though the Verve noted that they’d had the permission of the Rolling Stones’ label, the manager took things to court and filed a lawsuit, dragging along a reluctant Mick Jagger and Keith Richards into the case. Well, we won’t spoil you by explaining how things worked out for the Verve, but let’s say things got really complicated.

Things had also gotten fairly complex for another rocker, although no legal action took place. So, while listening to Creed, some people started to realize and quickly draw parallels between the frontman Scott Stapp‘s vocals and Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder, and things began to heat up on the Creed front.

Initially, the dispute started when fans pointed out that Scott’s vocal usage felt that he was imitating Eddie’s vocal style. Then, some brushed off the accusations first, saying that Stapp and Vedder were both baritones, so it was natural for listeners to hear something similar in these rockers’ voices. However, some fans weren’t convinced.

People then claimed that it wasn’t only the range of the pair’s vocals they found familiar, but they felt that the Creed rocker imitated the way Vedder sang, vocalized, and pronounced his lyrics. Ultimately, the comparisons heated up so much that Creed bassist Brian Marshall couldn’t help but be involved.

The bassist defended his bandmate, noting a few not-so-flattering remarks against Pearl Jam and stating that Vedder could only dream of having Stapp’s talent in a chat with KNDD. Pearl Jam opted to stay out of all the controversy and remained silent against Marshall’s statements. Scott, however, decided to take matters into hands and shared his thoughts about the feud through Creed’s official website.

To everyone’s surprise or, well, not, Scott didn’t side with Brian’s statements and tried making amends with Pearl Jam by firmly noting that he disagreed with the bassist on his criticism of Vedder and his band. Soon after Stapp’s announcement, he parted ways with Creed, resulting in Alter Bridge’s birth as the remaining members recruited Myles Kennedy and carried on.

In the end, people couldn’t help but compare Scott’s vocal style to those of Vedder’s and accused the singer of imitating the grunge icon. These parallels and comparisons resulted in Creed’s involvement in the conflict as Marshall belittled Pearl Jam, to which Stapp disagreed and ultimately departed the band.