The Who Singer Roger Daltrey’s Prophecy About The Future Of His Career


It’s not so hard to guess what a singer’s biggest concern is, considering how they earn their lives and continue their careers for a very long time. The answer is losing their voice in time because of various reasons such as aging, diseases, and some addiction problems that can damage their body. These possible problems made the vocalists more and more worried about their future, especially the very famous and successful ones.

The best singers of all time can vary from Queen’s Freddie Mercury, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, and The Who’s Roger Daltrey, to many according to people’s tastes. These names mostly took place in almost every magazine’s poll for choosing the greatest vocalists in the world. Therefore it’s completely normal that Daltrey had concerns about his voice, considering the problems he had over the years.

What Issues Roger Daltrey Had With His Voice?


The Who released their eighth studio album entitled ‘Who Are You’ on August 18, 1978. Although the album received positive reviews and became famous worldwide, the band members’ recording process was challenging. It was their late drummer Keith Moon’s last album, and the biggest problem was his extreme drug and alcohol abuse which made the recording session hard to continue, but it wasn’t the only crisis.

The band’s singer Roger Daltrey underwent throat surgery to remove nodules after an infection during the creation process of the record. Years later, from the operation, the musician started to realize that he couldn’t reach the higher ranges as he usually did in one of his solo tours in 2009. Therefore, he went to see a doctor, and Daltrey was diagnosed with vocal cord dysplasia, abnormal growth of cells or organs.

Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Voice Center and professor at Harvard Medical School, Steven M. Zeitels, performed laser surgery to help Daltrey return to his extraordinary live performances. The singer felt better and better in time, but his cannabis allergy prevented him from reaching his best on some occasions. The smoke affects him so much that he had to warn an attendee smoking in a Who concert in 2015.

What Was The Worst Condition Daltrey Faced And Had A Prophecy About?


The most striking incident about Daltrey’s vocals occurred during The Who’s Moving On! tour that began on May 7, 2019, in Grand Rapids and ended on October 24, 2019, in Los Angeles. In the middle of their concert in Houston, the musician lost his voice and had to quit singing not to cause any further problems. His fans were shocked and worried about his vocals after that night, along with Daltrey himself.

Following the devastating concert, Daltrey spoke to Billboard and stated that he would lose his voice in five years because he’s getting older and older. He highlighted that he could use it for now, but as it can be understood from his words, The Who icon wasn’t optimistic about the future of his career. However, most of his fans believed and still believe he could sing for decades until retirement.

Here’s what Daltrey said about his voice:

“Obviously, within the next five years, I think my voice will go. Age will get it in the end. It’s still there at the moment.”

You can watch those moments Daltrey lost his voice below.