Sebastian Bach Denies Calling Skid Row Fans ‘A—holes’ During Live Show

A recently released video of Sebastian Bach calling Skid Row fans ‘f*cking *ssholes’ went viral. However, the singer just stated that his words weren’t for the fans but rather for his former bandmates instead.

What Happened During The Show?

At a gig on June 4 in Detroit, Bach reportedly got angry and called Skid Row ‘jerks’ for letting him go.

Then he argued with a fan wearing a Skid Row tee and even invited everyone in the crowd to audition for his old band since they were looking for a new lead singer after Erik Grönwall left earlier this year.

The moment was caught on camera by fans. In the footage, Bach responds to someone shouting in the crowd:

“Yeah, that’s the band that kicked me out. Yeah, killer. Great. F*cking assholes.”

He continues by slamming a fan with a Skid Row shirt:

“I’m fascinated by this shirt right here. This is Skid Row with what number singer? Seven? Eight? Nine? What number is that guy? Huh? What number? Is that replacement number seven? Or number eight? Or number nine? And before you say, ‘Well they don’t have nine,’ I can f*cking name every fcking one of them. How do you even wear that? It’s like, ridiculous. Is that the guys from Dragonforce? Or f*cking TNT? Or whatever the f*ck. F*cking embarrassing.”

Bach’s Statement

In his statement he shared on X, Bach explained that he was actually talking about Madam X, the band he was in before Skid Row. Bach cleared himself and said he didn’t call the fan an ‘*sshole,’ and that he would never do such a thing to Skid Row fans:

“Hey internet, the horsesh*t never stops! Last night in Detroit I was confronted by a dude proudly wearing a MADAM X shirt. A band, whom, as you can read in my book, spit in my face & kicked me out when I was 16 years old. So I commented on that. Not mad at the guy for wearing it but not thrilled at staring at it either.”

He then explained more in detail why wearing a ‘different’ Skid Row shirt to his show isn’t appropriate:

“Then there was some goofball wearing a Skid Faux shirt staring at his phone in the front row the whole show thinking somehow that would be appropriate. If you’re gonna wear a Skid Row shirt to my show, it would be appropriate to sport the Original Skid Row. Not some other band that lasted 6 months or whatever. The music we celebrate at these shows has lasted the test of time for 35 years and will do so forever. That is what these shows are about. Come celebrate 35 years of the 1st Album Skid Row with us. But realize this is a real rock show and you never know what’s gonna happen.”

You can see the footage below.