Sam Ryder On Receiving The Offer To Sing With Queen

In a recent interview with Rock Sound, Sam Ryder talked about his unique performing experience with Queen. The conversation centered on his offer to perform the song ‘Somebody To Love’ at last year’s Taylor Hawkins Memorial concert.

Ryder has always had a special connection with ‘Somebody To Love,’ a song that resonated with him personally as he has done a cover of it in previous years. It was an emotional moment when he got the call from Queen, asking him to perform this same song that was last sung for Freddie at his memorial concert, with them for the memorial concert for Taylor Hawkins at Wembley.

Sam Ryder’s words about performing with Queen read:

“I remember getting that phone call and just being like moved to basically tears like when I got the invitation like, ‘Hey, what are you doing Saturday? I want you to come and sing ‘Somebody to Love,” and just you know like how much that meant to me and what an honor that was like thinking, you know, as an avid Queen, like respecter and fan like everyone around the globe basically you immediately think right it’s Wembley.”

He added:

“Although it’s a new stadium, it’s still on the patch of Earth where the old one stood, and the last time that song was sung, it was by George Michael in honor of Freddie at his memorial concert. The last time the band was even there at that postcode, you know, it was a huge privilege and a huge honor, and that took like utmost respect on that stage to do my bit and do it to the best of my ability.”

 Ryder’s performance with Queen was a significant milestone in his career. It wasn’t just about singing a song; it was about his deep connection with the band, the song, and the place. His respect for Queen and the honor he felt in performing at such a monumental location will always be a moment Sam will cherish.