When Roger Daltrey Threatened A Fan To Leave The Who Show


It was almost impossible to find a rock star who wasn’t into substance addiction as drugs were stable in the rock community. While there are a few musicians who are famous for their clean lifestyles such as Gene Simmons and Ted Nugent, nearly all of the artists spent a fortune on their drug abuse.

Unlike many of these rock stars who have a reputation for their history with excessive drug abuse, the Who lead singer Roger Daltrey previously stated that he has never taken hard drugs. In fact, the rocker is allergic to one of the most common drugs out there, marijuana.

His unique allergy caused a few controversial moments during live performances since there’s always a fan in the audience that smokes cannabis during shows. Since Daltrey partially loses his voice when a pot is smoked close to him, his way of handling the situation can be harsh from time to time.

Roger Daltrey Threatened A Fan


The incident took place during one of the Who’s performances in 2015 as Roger Daltrey realized something smelled off in the middle of the New York show. The singer stopped the entire gig when he smelled a fan in the front row smoking marijuana which is quite usual for concerts.

However, Daltrey told the audience at the Nassau Coliseum that he would walk off the show if the person didn’t stop smoking the marijuana. The rocker stated that he is allergic to the smoke and that it causes problems with his vocal performance.

While many fans initially thought he was joking, the musician wasn’t when he said marijuana can damage his voice as Daltrey has an allergy to cannabis that affects his singing voice. This is why he has occasionally interrupted the concert to request that people should not smoke it as second-hand marijuana smoke from an audience can impact his performance.

You can see the stage moment below.