Sammy Hagar Recalls His Insane Van Halen Show, ‘I Was Completely Out Of My Mind’

The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar, recently posted a snippet from a concert with Van Halen during their Hagar era and reminisced how ‘crazy’ his performance was in the video.

Hagar joined Van Halen in 1985 after David Lee Roth parted his ways with the band to pursue a solo career. The singer had a good nine years with the band before he quit later to reunite. Known for its two vocalists, Van Halen’s periods were separated as David Lee Roth’s era and Sammy Hagar’s era when talking about a specific album or performance.

Unfortunately, Van Halen disbanded for good in 2020 after the death of their iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen. David Lee Roth also retired after performing a couple of final shows for his fans. Eddie’s son, Wolfgang, was also in Van Halen, playing the bass for the last years, but he decided to move on, creating his band Mammoth WVH. As for the drummer and co-founder, Alex Van Halen, very few people know what he’s doing.

Thus, Sammy Hagar is currently the only Van Halen member trying to keep the band’s legacy alive by performing Van Halen songs in his shows with The Circle. He also created an Instagram account with Mike Anthony, former bassist of Van Halen, to cherish their times with Van Halen through videos and photos. The duo recently posted a video from the Hagar era where Van Halen is doing an over-the-top performance, and Hagar is climbing up ladders with the risk of falling down.

In the caption, Sammy made a pun saying that they were ‘living on the edge’ and criticized himself for the dangerous stunt. Mike noted that The Circle is working on other Van Halen songs to remember the band and continue its legacy by ‘waving the Van Halen flag high.’ Hagar couldn’t help himself from adding a comment from his personal account stating how crazy he used to be.

Here is the caption of the video:

“Sammy: Thank you, Rolling Stone, for reminding me how great this band really was. Wow. Those were the days you wanna talk about being to the edge. Literally. What was I thinking?

Mike: Last Saturday night at the Strat, The Circle jammed ‘Ain’t Talking Bout Love,’ had a blast singing lead vocal! The Circle is working on other Van Halen deep cuts, and I can’t wait to play them throughout the year on tour. We will continue to wave the Van Halen flag high!”

Here is Hagar’s comment:

“I was completely out of my mind.

The fans stated that they didn’t need to be reminded of how fantastic Van Halen was during the Hagar era because they have always known, but were pleased to rewatch this performance. The fans were also happy to see Eddie alive and playing, even though it was only a memory from over thirty years ago.