Guns N’ Roses Fans Are Questioning Axl Rose’s Voice After The Recent Live Show


TV and radio personality Eddie Trunk recently posted short footage from Guns N’ Roses concert in Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Instagram. Under his post, the fans harshly criticized Axl Rose’s vocal performance saying that it was terrible, and some of them found Wolfgang Van Halen better than him.

As you may know, Guns N’ Roses finally went back to the stage for their tour, which was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. The band’s 2021 North America tour started on July 31, in Pennsylvania, even though their opening act by Mammoth WVH was canceled due to the COVID-19 cases in his crew.

Also, the band’s North American tour tickets were sold out almost immediately as their fans were happy to watch them after waiting for many years. However, following the concert, most of the fans expressed their disappointed about Axl Rose’s vocal performance and stamina.

Under Eddie Trunk’s recent Instagram post, most fans reflected their ideas about Axl Rose’s voice during Guns N’ Roses’ concert in Allegiant Stadium. They stated that Axl Rose’s voice is terrible, and he couldn’t sing as well as he did before. Surprisingly, one of them said Mammoth WVH’s performance was way better than Guns N’ Roses.

Eddie Trunk’s post read as follows:

“Gun’s N’ Roses hit the stage in Allegiant Stadium.”

A fan shared his ideas, saying:

Mammoth WVH sounded way better than Guns N’ Roses does.”

Another fan responded:

“Remember when Axl could sing? That was awesome.”

One of them also added:

“He sounds horrible.

Unfortunately, it seems that Axl Rose will share the same destiny with Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil who has been receiving very negative reviews from his fans after his live shows. The GN’R frontman hasn’t answered the comments about his voice yet.