Dee Snider Explains What Changed His Mind After Deciding To Quit Performing Live

Twisted Sister frontman and vocalist, Dee Snider, was the recent guest of Jackie Kajzer of Full Metal Jackie and talked about his latest studio album ‘Leave a Scar,’ and deciding not to do any live shows until the Covid-19 pandemic comes to an end.

Dee Snider released his latest studio recording named ‘Leave a Scar’ at the end of July and it’s the rockstar’s fifth studio album. The recording features twelve unique tracks and the latest single of the album named ‘Down But Never Out’ was released last week.

Most of the stars in the rock scene are still struggling with promoting their new records due to the pandemic and the restrictions considering live shows, and Dee is not an exception.

As you might remember from one of our recent articles, the former Twisted Sister frontman announced that he’s tested COVID-19 positive after his family took a trip to Disneyland. Fortunately, a couple of days later, Snider made a public announcement and stated that he got over the disease completely.

In his latest interview with Full Metal Jackie, Dee revealed that he has no plans to do any live show until the coronavirus outbreak ends. He also stated that although he had decided to quit live shows two years ago, the fact that the pandemic dictated him not to play again sparked a rebellious feeling inside of him that pushed him to plan live shows for the near future.

Dee expressed his thoughts in the conversation as follows:

“In 2019, I told my family, all my band, all my friends, and my business associates that I was done. I really thought I was and I didn’t announce it publicly because I think that’s kind of BS anyway, just making the big announcement.

I actually signed and mailed the shoes I’ve been wearing on stage for 20 years to my number one fan, Keith Whalen in Canada. I said, ‘Keith, put these in your man cave. I’m done.’ Now I just sent an email — could I get my shoes back?

Something about COVID dictating to me that I couldn’t play. The idea that I decided I was not done playing was one thing, but when COVID says, ‘Oh, well, you can’t play anyway,’ I found this rebellious thing welling up in me. What do you mean I can’t play? I’ll decide when I can’t play — you don’t tell me I can’t play.”

In the same conversation, Dee noted that the coronavirus outbreak was the domino effect that led him to do ‘I Gotta Rock Again,’ and he just can’t be told when he’s done since COVID was telling him that.