The Truth Behind Chris Cornell’s Feud With Billy Corgan


We all know that the rock world is full of memorable feuds between musicians and bands. The big egos may clash for various reasons, some of which sound absurd or hilarious sometimes. It is very common for the Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan to be involved in a feud with someone. He is quite generous when it comes to offering his unfiltered opinions.

Corgan has a lengthy list of people he has feuded with so far. D’arcy Wretzky, Courtney Love, Radiohead, and Pavement are just some of the names he had a public dispute. Billy Corgan is so blunt and direct, even towards his bandmates, as is seen in his feuds with Jimmy Chamberlin, and James Iha.

His former bandmate D’arcy Wretzky had left the Smashing Pumpkins due to her drug abuse and then, Corgan had criticized her for being mean-spirited and rejecting to get help, which is a good example of his attitude towards other people. Another famous feud of Billy Corgan was with the late Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell and let’s see what all the fuss was about.

Billy Corgan Severely Criticized The Soundgarden Reunion



Soundgarden and the Smashing Pumpkins were formed around the same time and they were among the leading bands in rock music. The frontmen of the two bands, Chris Cornell and Billy Corgan, met in 1991, and they were in fact good friends until the conflict between them started.

As you may remember, Soundgarden reunited in 2010 after a long break. Back in 2012, Billy Corgan gave an interview and criticized the Soundgarden reunion. He told Philstar that Soundgarden reunited just to make more money by playing the old albums that made them famous. Corgan highlighted that other bands like Pavement had also done the same thing.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman praised Chris Cornell’s talent, but on the other hand, he said that he tried to sympathize with the fans who were waiting for a new album when the reunion happened. Billy Corgan implied that good bands should always produce new music rather than relying on their previous works. He also clarified that he was a fan of Soundgarden, but he just said what the situation was actually like.

The Backstory Behind Billy Corgan’s Harsh Words Towards Soundgarden



After criticizing Soundgarden’s reunion, Billy Corgan revealed the backstory of his comments. In 2000, the Smashing Pumpkins had announced their break up with a farewell concert. Later on, the two former band members Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin reunited, but there was no information about the return of the other two band members.

Chris Cornell had stated that the Smashing Pumpkins reunion wasn’t legitimate for him as it was not with the original lineup. Billy Corgan reminded everyone of Chris Cornell’s opinions on their reunion and said he felt like ‘somebody punching him in the face.’ It looks like Corgan was really furious about this comment and held it inside of him for years.

However, after Cornell’s tragic death, Billy Corgan seemed regretful about what he had said before. Corgan revealed after his death that he wished he could have helped Cornell pull himself together. The musician said that no matter what happened between them, he can’t deny that Cornell greatly influenced him.