Dave Grohl’s Ex-Girlfriend Louise Post Recalls Being The Muse Behind Foo Fighters’ ‘Everlong’


In a recent Instagram post, Veruca Salt’s Louise Post who was Dave Grohl’s former girlfriend has remembered the time when she was the inspiration behind Foo Fighter’s song ‘Everlong.’

Formed in Washington in 1994 by Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters was founded as a one-man project after the disbandment of Nirvana, the band in which Grohl appeared as the drummer. Having sold over 12 million records and won numerous awards, the band released their tenth album ‘Medicine At Midnight’ in February 2021, and on July 17, 2021, they have released their disco-themed album ‘Hail Satin’ under the name of Dee Gees for Record Store Day. It is also known that in their first year of eligibility, Foo Fighters will be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in October.

Released as the second single from Foo Fighter’s second album ‘The Colour And The Shape’ in August 1997, ‘Everlong’ is considered a trademark song for the band. The song was written by Dave Grohl in 45 minutes and its lyrics are known to be inspired by his romantic relationship with Louise Post although he didn’t explicitly stated that. Dave Grohl also claimed once that the song is about being connected to someone to the extent of harmonizing perfectly together along with physical and spiritual love.

Towards the end of the 1990s, the musician Louise Post and Dave Grohl were in a relationship although their romance ended when Dave Grohl cheated on her with Winona Ryder. Louise Post recalled the song’s production process, and has recently shared a post on her Instagram revealing her insights about ‘Everloving.’ According to the vocalist and guitarist of Veronica Salt, Louise Post, she has contributed to the backing vocals of the song ‘Everloving’ over a telephone line from Chicago to Los Angeles when she was woken up by Grohl late at night. She then revealed the ‘doo-doo’ bits in the song was inspired by Veruca Salt’s ‘Shimmer Like A Girl.’ Moreover, she claimed that the whispering parts were actually about a dream she had about the pair, although replaced later on with Dave Grohl’s whisperings of a love letter for her.

Louise Post’s Instagram post read:

“I sang these back-ups over the phone at 2 am after being woken up from a deep sleep in Chicago by DG who was tracking the vocals for “Everlong” in LA. He wanted me to sing the doo-doo’s, which were inspired by our song “Shimmer Like a Girl”. While I was at it, I wrote a harmony for the chorus and sang that too. The whispered section of this song was originally the dream I was having when the phone rang. It was a dream about us. He later removed it and replaced it with his own whispers, one which was a love letter to me. Maybe I’ll tell the full story… eventually… if I feel like it. But I just came across this post and thought I would share for anyone who is interested.”

It seems it is accepted that Louise Post is the muse behind the iconic Foo Fighter’s song ‘Everloving,’ but it is also believed that Grohl’s cheating on Post is also referenced in a Veruca Salt song titled ‘Disconnected‘ which has the lyrics saying ‘It’s kind of scary when your lover leaves you for a movie star.’