Dee Snider Alleges His Wife And Daughter Got COVID-19 From A Trip To Disneyland

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider shared a post on his official Twitter page warning his fans about going to Disneyland thinking they strictly enforce COVID-19 protocols. Apparently, his wife and daughter took his grandkids to the park and ended up coming back home with the virus.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has been taking over the world, any place such as venues, pubs, clubs, or amusement parks that host public gatherings has been adjusting to new rules and restrictions. Despite all of the gatherings being banned during the first period of the pandemic, people are now allowed to go to the theatres and parties following a new set of restrictions, especially after the initiation of the vaccination process.

Famous places, such as Disneyland, published their reopening information on their official website, revealing the new restrictions that need to be followed by visitors. For instance, one needs to either be fully vaccinated or obtain a negative Covid-19 test prior to entering the resort. In addition to this, all the unvaccinated guests must wear face coverings when indoors, except when they are dining.

All of these rules seem to be normal these days and often serve to protect the visitors, yet Twisted Sister frontman apparently doesn’t agree with this. As Dee revealed in his recent post on Twitter, Disneyland does pretty much nothing to protect its visitors’ health in contrast to what they claim online, which is only for the eyes of the public.

With his message, the musician wanted to warn his fans since his wife Suzette and his daughter Cheyenne took his grandkids to Disneyland last week and came back home, testing positive for the virus. While blaming the lack of restrictions in Disneyland, Dee Snider asked his fans to stay away from the park in order to be safe and healthy.

According to his tweet, Snider said:

“WARNING! While online and publicly Disneyland claims strict enforcement of Covid protocols, AT THE PARK THEY ARE DOING NOTHING TO ENFORCE OR PROTECT PEOPLE! My wife & daughter took our grandkids to the park last week and BROUGHT COVID INTO OUR HOME! STAY AWAY FROM DISNEY!”

You can see the Twitter post below.