Wolf Van Halen Reacts To A Fan Who Compares Him To Dave Grohl Of Foo Fighters

Mammoth WVH’s founder Wolfgang Van Halen recently responded to a fan’s comment through his Twitter account and made fun of a user who stressed the similarities between his and Dave Grohl’s music.

As you probably know, Wolf released his debut solo song ‘Distance‘ back in November 2020 as a tribute to his father, Van Halen’s co-founder and iconic guitarist Eddie. The song achieved critical acclaim and ranked No.1 on the Billboard charts. After that, Wolf started working hard on his debut album, Mammoth WVH, which will be released in almost a day now, on June 11!

Before releasing the album, Wolf decided to drop six singles as he said that people need more music now as they’re stuck at home, something that a lot of fans appreciated. However, while thousands applauded his talents as a multi-instrumentalist who put together and recorded a new album all by himself, there were also some who criticized him for various reasons.

One of the comments that Wolf received was that his single ‘Don’t Back Down’ sounds like ‘Foo Fighter’ and the fact that the user didn’t spell the band’s name properly was apparently funny for Wolf who went on to post this comment on his Twitter and write ‘thank.’

Then another fan told Wolf that the user has a point as Dave Grohl also ‘sang every note, played every instrument on the first Foo Fighters album’ just like he did for Mammoth WVH. To this, Wolf replied by saying that he feels honored to be compared to Dave Grohl and what he made fun of was the user’s grammar.

This is what a fan commented under ‘Don’t Back Down’:

“Sounds Foo Fighter.”

To which Wolf responded:


Then another fan commented:

“I mean…

Dave Grohl: sang every note, played every instrument on the first Foo Fighters album.

Wolfie: sang every note, played every instrument on the first Mammoth WVH album.

He kinda has a point.”

To which Wolf responded:

“Oh man, I’m honored by the comparison. I’m just making fun of the grammar lol.”

You can check out the tweets below.