Dee Snider Credits Celine Dion For Buying Their House

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider recently replied to a user’s tweet underestimating Celine Dion in the music industry. He called her saint and revealed a fun fact that she brought their house.

Recently, an argument broke below one of Snider’s tweets. Snider shared a news article about him fighting to get Metallica and Lemmy Kilmister on MTV, and a Twitter user, who appears to be a KISS fan, replied by stating that Snider thinks highly of himself. Since Dee has a devoted fanbase with whom he interacts daily through his social media accounts, his followers were there to back him up.

One of Snider’s fans ran to his rescue and started to discuss Snider’s talents and the conversation almost turned into an argument. While the first claimed KISS is better than Twisted Sister for selling 100 million records, Twisted Sister fans stated that popularity doesn’t make a rock musician good, but talent does. They continued to say that Celine Dion and Madonna aren’t better than Twisted Sister just because they have sold more records.

Even though the fan was defending Dee Snider, the singer didn’t let anyone say anything negative about Celine Dion and intervened. He stated that Dion liked and recorded a Christmas song he had written for his wife, which became a huge hit and sold 14 million copies. Dee continued to say that she basically bought their house with the money they received from the song’s sales.

The Twitter user compared KISS and Twisted Sister by stating:

“Well, KISS has sold over 100 million records, and Twisted Sister has sold 12 million… so who writes better music?”

The fan replied and mentioned Dion:

“Oh, so you’re one of those people that thinks popularity equals talent. Makes sense now. So Madonna and Celine Dion are more talented than KISS then. KISS sucks man, and the guitar playing is terrible.”

Another fan got involved and stated:

“You had my vote till you brought Celine Dion into this… just saying.”

And eventually, Snider got involved:

“Hey, easy! Saint Celine Dion recorded a Christmas song I wrote for my wife, and it sold 14 million copies! She bought our house!

According to Snider’s interview in 2020, Celine Dion might not know that the Christmas song ‘God Bless Us’ was written by him. Dion got the song back in 1990 when Snider gave some stuff to his producer to work away. He didn’t want Dion to know he was the songwriter so that she wouldn’t be prejudiced based on the stereotypical ‘Satanic’ image metal bands have. The song is one of the most successful Christmas songs of all time, and Dion might still not know he wrote it.

You can check out the tweets and listen to the song below.